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Angry rant about some whovians that will get someone angry

People keep complain about everything like “Train in space! Why “Moffat” is copying Voyage of Damned’s ship in space!!!” and I just can’t understand… why? Do you complain about everything because of joy of complaining? Does not it make life just angry and bitter?

Voyage of Damned aired 2007, SEVEN years ago. It is possible that writer of the episode didn’t even think that it his episode is little bit like that. Focus on real problems of episode if you want complain, not problems like “horse race in 2007 have blue horse, so therefore I can’t watch a skill riding competition in 2014 because there is pink horse”.

Just ranting because some people keep whining about EVERY SINGLE EPISODES SMALLEST DETAILS. I think it just because of Moffat era, they can’t like anything because of Moffat is working on it. Was there same kind of complaining when RTD used same formula every single season? I think not.

Well, that was my angry rant. If you want complain about that do it, but I think is is just unnecessary.

Because people keep asking me why I don’t share their love for London, here some thoughts:

It’s really sad that I don’t share all others love of . It feel like I’m broken because I don’t understand.

Like always I need VERY BIG (EMOTIONAL) EXPERIENCE. London is just like big Helsinki to me. Like in rollercoasters, I don’t get excited of them and I’m not scared when riding them. I think I should skydive or something.

Also I need to be really connected to movie or tv-series so I like it. It really makes me feel little bit broken when everyone else is so excited with everything. But maybe it is worth it, because if I found something to love, I love it year by year. The Phantom of the Opera:  9 years, Walter Moers books: over 13 years. Doctor Who, two and half year.

Even if it’s secret.

Also, I don’t think that group traveling suits for me, even they are my friends. I’m a lone wolf and big group slow me down when I want run and also they are to quick when I want just be there and breath.

I really want to experiece London again, but just with some special one, who runs with same speed.

First I saw a dream about Sandman’s Dream and how I tried to find new apartment (?) and  I moved to Morpheus old place that was a cave in mountain. :D

Then I saw a dream about 12th Doctor. He was little bit annoying and I said that he was a diva because I runned around to do what he wanted an HE NEVER SHOWED UP. WHY TIMELORDS ARE ALWAYS LATE? D:<

Also we tried to investigate mystery inside someone’s dream. There was zombie… but then I waked up :(

Now I want to write Doctor Who episode :’D

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